"Golden Spring's" marketing plan:

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We have a very simple training and partnership plan for the company. Following the steps below, you can easily understand the entire structure of the company and will be able to participate in our unique program to improve the quality of life.

  1. Register on "Golden Spring's" website:

    Sign up

    You register on the site and officially become a partner of Golden Spring. But do not participate in the program until payment of participation.

  2. 2. Filling in personal data

    Fill in personal data

    To confirm the status of a partner of the company, fill in the personal data in your account, indicating the sponsor who invited you, if he is not already indicated.

  3. 3. Replenish account


    Refill your account to pay for participation in the project. You can also transfer funds to other accounts.

  4. 4. Payment

    Make a payment

    Pay for participation in the program from "Marketing" section in your personal account to get a participant’s place in the project and get access to special videolessons. Also receive Golden Spring's rewards.

  5. 5. Partner Invitation


    Invite a minimum of 2 partners to be able to receive company rewards for participating in the program.

  6. Additional

    Promotional material

    Use the company's promotional materials to attract partners.